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Symbol: The Water-Bearer
Ruler: Uranus
Birthstone: Blue Sapphire
Lucky Numbers: 11, 29, 38, 47, 56
Colors: Royal, Azure, Sky Blue
Compatible signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Dates: Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

The ancient Egyptians associated Aquarius with a vital spiritual force that nourished and renewed life. Pictured as a man or woman pouring life-giving waters from an urn, the symbol portrays humanitarian efforts to nourish the earth with the spirit of collective humanity through communication of ideas and feelings. New life springs up with water --your sign is associated with what is new. You're often first at thinking and doing things that others follow. You're an idealistic, independent, inventive thinker -- quick-witted, positive, excitable and, when necessary, aggressive and combative. Your vision, purpose, or ideal is sharing your brilliant ideas with others in an effort to enlighten them for their own good.
Your keyword is ENLIGHTENMENT. Your sympathetic nature causes you to deeply sense mankind's suffering. Consequently, your attitude toward others is generous, kind, and humane. Guided by your innate foresight and appreciation for the brotherhood of man, you envision a utopian future for the human race in which everyone treats each other alike, regardless of gender, color, nationality or background. You're aroused to contribute to society by dispensing your humanitarian ideals, and carefully ponder the most expedient ways to inspire understanding among others. Realistic, practical, determined, persistent and faithful, you can become melancholic, despondent, retiring, stubborn, aggressive or rebellious when restricted.

Maintaining healthy eating habits is most important to your physical well-being. And one thing that really makes you feel good is a home-cooked meal like the kind Mom used to make; unless, of course, Mom's bard was greasy, sugared, or fried and laced with condiments. In that case, it's time you develop a taste for more wholesome, cleaner bard. You need to eat airy/watery bards like fresh vegetables and fruit to keep your blood in good condition. Your nervous and digestive systems are closely aligned, so be sure you're relaxed at meal time. Stomach or digestive disorders are probably symptoms of nervous stress or tension. Pace yourself while exercising and moving around to protect your vulnerable areas -- your limbs from the knees to the ankles -- from accidents. Get plenty of fresh air (preferably by the sea) and regular eye exams. Women, schedule regular breast exams. Visualize and feel yourself in perfect health.

You can quickly assess a person's character, because outer appearances don't impress you. Open-minded, you take to strangers easily, but have to be careful of others playing on your sympathy. You approach love with your head, are turned on by mental stimulation, and seek to experience a mind-meld with a lover. You can be fickle, flirtatious, indecisive and double-dealing, and you prefer affairs to commitments. But you could vow loyalty if you meet a compatible communicator with a sunny disposition who's glamorous, noble and ardent. You can meet your type in your immediate neighborhood, libraries, bookstores, primary school, through siblings or personal ads, on short journeys, via the telephone, computer, or around newspapers, news, magazines, lectures, debates, teaching, or printing concerns.

You would be happiest and most comfortable working in your own home or in a family-based business. You want to use your mind in inventive, enterprising or scientific work that's emotionally and creatively satisfying and offers security. Consider employment connected to the public, bodies of water, the beach, women, motherhood, babies, housing, families, agriculture, catering, ships, hotels, laundries, groceries, restaurants, music and singing, or silver. Possibilities for career choices include surgery, research, detection and investigation, tax or financial consulting, politics, electronic engineering, social services, psychiatry, hypnotherapy, astrology, or insurance brokerage.

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Aquarius - Aries
The combination of Mars-ruled Aries and Uranus-ruled Aquarius can be a firecracker combo. This may be a match made in heaven. Aquarius pours gasoline on Aries' burning embers. There will be much harmony but little rest, because Aries stimulates Aquarius' third house. There will be a lot of short journeys, activities, ideas, and visits to neighbors and close relatives. There is mental stimulation. Originality is a shared trait. Aries makes split decisions and encourages Aquarius to strike promptly when opportunity knocks. This could be a fiery and beautiful long-lasting romance.

Aquarius - Taurus
Uranus-ruled Aquarius may be the lightning rod in a Taurus' life. Aquarius is idealistic and can be aggressive and even combative when necessary. Taurus is rigid and inflexible. Aquarius can be persuaded but cannot be forced to do Taurus' will. This can be an unbelievably sensual combination for the short term, but over the long haul, both may be too stubborn to get along.

Aquarius - Gemini
Aquarius' main ruler, Uranus, can produce plenty of surprises. An Aquarius has many friends, some strange and some in the genius class. Aquarius also has a stubborn side, but Gemini has the gift of persuasion. If love is a fire, Aquarius whips up the flames in this relationship. Both enjoy fascinating talks (sprightly conversation is Gemini's forté) and share a flirtatious nature. Both are table-hoppers and willing physical mates. This relationship has much in its favor, but there is an aura of illusion. Is it for real?

Aquarius - Cancer
Broad-minded, Uranus-ruled Aquarius is seeking a companion who is well-read and can be a loving friend. An Aquarius is a collector of friends and appreciates someone social. With Aquarius, Cancer will begin to say, "There's something I don't know about you." Aquarius doesn't want to know Cancer's secrets. Aquarius doesn't always want things to be explainable because they love the unorthodox. The mystery will help keep this relationship together. When the relationship loses the mystery, it will begin to slip.

Aquarius - Leo
Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites. There is much to like and love in this combination. For starters, Aquarius is in Leo's partnership and marriage house. Aquarian electricity amplifies the warm, solar rays of Leo. These two burn love's candle at both ends gloriously. They could light up the world. Leo tickles Aquarius' funny bone and amuses with humorous stories, so there will be fun and frolic in this match. Leo is a proud sign with a loving heart. Criticism of a Leo is unwelcome, so if Aquarius wants something from Leo, he or she should pour on the compliments. Leos are loyal and fun to be with. This air and fire combination can fan a white-hot flame. There may be a question of who takes care of details because both tend to see the big picture, rather than the minutiae. But it's love, love, love.

Aquarius - Virgo
With Mercury-ruled Virgo and Uranus-ruled Aquarius, some people will say that your ideas are awfully different, and that you can never agree or do anything when it is beyond the immediate. There's a response: "At least we're living. We're alive, vibrant, creative, filled with the stuff of life!" This is a stimulating combination. Fashion-conscious Virgo is in Aquarius' eighth house, so Virgos will be aides to Aquarius in matters relating to money-lending and paperwork. Virgos will advise Aquarians on what they should wear, depending on the occasion. This combination produces sensual plans and ideas, as well as mystery, the occult, and inheritance. Virgo helps Aquarius expand personal horizons and builds Aquarius up for the future. This could be a writing or advertising team. Both are intellectual and could come up with some exciting discoveries.

Aquarius - Libra
Libras think in terms of "we, us and ours." They see that Aquarius is in the social whirl and will introduce him or her to prominent people. Libra is in Aquarius' ninth house of travel, adventure, philosophy and publishing. These two signs are favorably matched and have a great basic attraction with benefits for both. Aquarius respects Libra, and Libra appreciates Aquarius' humanitarian feelings toward social justice. This pairing promises visits to other countries.

Aquarius - Scorpio
Scorpios and Aquarians can make some great waves in a relationship, but Scorpio will need all of his or her subtlety. Both are fixed signs, and Aquarius will not be pushed or shoved, so watch that Scorpian sting. With Uranian Aquarius, anger sparks like lightning, and the thunder that follows is jarring to Scorpio's emotions. Scorpio needs tolerance in this romance. There could be a sudden and explosive quality to this relationship. There will also be security, comfort and luxury in an unusual way. Both are ambitious and will pull together when there is a goal, but there is a need to outline that goal. This could be a formidable combination.

Aquarius - Sagittarius
Aquarius and Sagittarius both love freedom. Aquarius is a natural problem-solver and capable adviser. Aquarius is Sagittarius' natural romantic ally. Inventive Aquarius can bring variety to Sagittarius' life. Sagittarius likes to play the odds and will enjoy Aquarius' unorthodox lifestyle and romantic originality. With this combination, there will be good mental and philosophical vibrations. Both parties are very independent and are born with a love of humanity. These two free souls will find more than their share of wedded bliss together. Life will be full with travel, excitement and indulgent love.

Aquarius - Capricorn
A Capricorn senses the restlessness of his or her partner. This makes a Capricorn feel insecure about the relationship. But a little Uranus-ruled Aquarius excitement could be good if Capricorn is stuck in a routine. Aquarius is in Capricorn's second house of monetary opportunities and development of new talents. This is fortunate, because Aquarius has a king-size box of original ideas. Capricorn is aware of Aquarius' multiple and inventive talents, and will help Aquarius to learn how to make more practical use of them. A Capricorn will help an Aquarius get better-organized and will motivate an Aquarius to utilize his or her Uranian ideals -- transforming them into practical action. As a fixed sign, Aquarius has a healthy desire for money and love but may be a bit unearthly for Cappie. Capricorn has an intense feeling of duty where love is concerned. Yet Aquarius's view on love is that it should be an equal friendship that blossoms throughout the years. Watch out: Capricorn adores Aquarius but has a tendency to be more dutiful than loving.

Aquarius - Aquarius
An Aquarius with an Aquarius can be a compatible team, if both of you are involved in important humanitarian or scientific projects. Take time to know all of the implications before you jump into this partnership. Aquarius is a water sign, and Aquarians are busy, idealistic and independent. They need a partner who is malleable. This iffy romantic combination might or might not be permanent.

Aquarius - Pisces
Water sign Aquarius meets Pisces, an air sign, in Pisces' 12th house of behind-the-scenes and sensual activities. Pisces' need for privacy is respected by busy Aquarians, the inventive humanitarians. Because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, Pisces' life will be full of sudden turns. This relationship could have a few jolts off and on. There could be a lot of clandestine meetings and undercover, behind-the-scenes activities. There also could be connections with films, hospitals or charitable organizations. As a fixed sign, Aquarius has need for a malleable co-worker and helpmate who can take him or her on flights of fancy. Pisces falls into Aquarius' second house, which is money and talent. Pisceans are able to deal well with complexities, probably better than the average Aquarian. Loose ends will be attended to, and fun is a promise. But in the end, Pisces will come out ahead in this romance and Aquarius will lose.


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