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Symbol: The Ram
Ruler: Mars
Birthstone: Ruby, Diamond
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Colors: Red
Compatible signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Dates: March 21 - April 19


The ram first appeared as a symbol in early Egypt. It was depicted as the head of Amun, considered to be the leading deity whom all other gods followed. Aries is a leader by right of its position as first in the zodiac. Occurring at the beginning of spring, Aries represents the latent life-force of the previous cycle just starting to create growth. Your enterprising nature is reflective of the force of this energy reserve, ready to renew itself in actualization. To be independent, self-assertive, and to set an action in motion are your prime objectives. ACTION is your keyword. Normally brave and courageous, you can be depended upon to assess a situation, take charge and act without delay in an emergency. However, your ambition, enthusiasm and need to see quick results may outweigh your capacity for patience and follow-through. Count to 10 before acting and speaking, so as to weed out any tendencies toward rash, impulsive and reckless action. You'll have to incorporate discipline as well as cooperation, if you want your creative potential to be fully expressed and for the projects you begin to be brought to fruition.

Work-related stress, worry, anxiety, frustration, anger and impatience could bring on headaches, dizziness, fevers, insomnia, nosebleeds and sinus or ear problems. Aries rules the head, and you have a predisposition for head and facial injuries through accidents caused by haste. If you find mystery cuts and bruises, slow down and pace yourself. Stress affecting your nerves can even cause bowel or abdominal disorders. For your well-being, alleviate stress with exercise and cranial massages; adopt a vegetarian diet; and eat regular, relaxed meals, avoiding stimulants like excessive alcohol, caffeine and drugs.

An Aries represents the beginning point of when a person becomes aware of his or herself. You can be self-absorbed and innocently unaware of others' feelings. You easily gain others' interest and respect with your enthusiasm, but to be able to garner and maintain their support will require diplomacy, flexibility, tolerance, prudence, compassion and consideration. You endear yourself to others with your ability to make them laugh. As a lover, you can be passionate, warmhearted, ardent and generous with your affections. You enjoy the chase, finding the contest exciting. But after making a conquest, you may cool very quickly. Your best relationship will be with someone independent and self-assured, glamorous, charming, warm and dramatic, who thrives on the energy of love and excitement. You could meet your type at entertainment venues, amusement parks, social clubs, gambling casinos, golf courses, parties, picnics, vacation resorts, sports events, playgrounds, the stage, or in theaters, poolrooms, or ballrooms.

When you combine your will to achieve with your ambitious nature and pioneering spirit, you become well-equipped to reach your goals. New, uncharted ground will offer you the most complete freedom to express your true self. Once you decide to work for the benefit of humankind, you'll have the right motive to lead you down the employment path best suited to approaching your lofty position. Develop your analytical abilities to raise your success quotient. You're suited for sciences related to medicine, surgery, chemistry, pharmacy, holistic healing, hygiene, physical fitness, dietetics and bard products. You could succeed as a computer technician orprogrammer, systems analyst, trade or union leader, army, navy or police officer, fireman, surgeon or teacher. Hobbies can include weaving, drumming, fencing, wrestling, boxing and performing on the stage.

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Aries - Aries
A match between two Aries is probably the result of passion, because Aries is ruled by aggressive and impulsive Mars. Planning is done impetuously, not leisurely. Both want to be in command and to dominate. There is fire, excitement, emotion and discovery in this lively couple. There will be moments of abandon and moments of intense quarreling. Fortunately, it's not in the Aries nature to remain angry for long. The biggest problem comes when deciding who is boss.

Aries - Taurus
Aries -- aggressive and ruled by Mars -- often is romantically drawn to the Venus-ruled Taurus, who operates at a slower pace. Taurus' priorities include dollars, art and music. Taurus also has a romantic nature. Aries, don't rush your Taurus or bring out his or her stubborn side. Taurus is a homebody and Aries is restless, but there could be lots of fire between the two.

Aries - Gemini
The Aries and Mercury-ruled Gemini combination includes communication and flirtation. Geminis are charmers, not to mention witty word people. They are looking for someone with whom they can exchange ideas, as well as someone to love. This combination has great possibilities for warmth. It could be a nurturing, exciting, romantic love.

Aries - Cancer
Aries and the emotionally changeable Cancer are an odd couple. Cancerians need constant reassurance of their partner's devotion. Their priorities include ownership of real estate and a family -- in that order. With other signs, these priorities could scare off an Aries. But when a Cancer is involved, Aries warms up to Cancer's protective nature. This could be a lasting passion.

Aries - Leo
Leo, ruled by the Sun, can tickle an Aries' strong ego and fancy for a loyal lover. Leo likes to give orders and can be inflexible at times. These two signs need to stroke each other's egos. Even so, an Aries and a Leo can be creative -- dramatically and romantically. This could be a red-hot combination, but watch out for the element of competition.

Aries - Virgo
Virgos can be quite earthy and are likely to be constructively critical of Aries' eating and clothing habits. Virgo is on a self-improvement kick throughout life. Aries is aggressive and restless. The Aries in this relationship shouldn't rush Virgo. Virgos want an organized and especially nice-smelling partner, so Aries should always jump into the shower just before going on a date. Virgos can be a devoted spouse for an Aries.
Meanwhile, Aries' Mars influence can send Virgos into areas previously prohibited and censored. A Virgo might say, "I always wanted to do, explore, examine or read this." With Aries, a Virgo will take these risks; however, ultimate goals in life are not the same for Aries and Virgo. Aries rushes in where even angels fear to tread and may find Virgo to be a well-dressed, real-life mannequin. Aries is always on the prowl for new and attractive. Virgo may fit the bill -- for a while.

Aries - Libra
The Mars of Aries and the Venus of Libra are strongly attracted. These two are likely to meet in a social situation, surrounded by people of the "better classes." Venus-ruled Libras are "we and us" people because they live under the partnership sign. Libras require good manners and hassle-free exchanges.
An Aries doesn't want the Libra to stop flirting. An Aries should, however, ask Libra to keep his or her fanciful trysts on a platonic level -- just to keep Aries' jealousy in check. Libra could be the sign that makes Aries want to stay home more often and snuggle up by the fire on wintry nights.

Aries - Scorpio
The rulers of this combination, Mars and Pluto, are a highly volatile mixture. Aries is aggressive, and Scorpio is likely to want an Aries' body and soul. With an Aries, a Scorpio's nature is fiercely emotional and exciting. Be warned, Aries. Scorpios dig deep beneath the surface. They learn an Aries' secrets and financial status. They want to control, whereas an Aries wants to be a free agent. Although there could be an initial fascination with each other, battles and emotional explosions may follow. Scorpio's desire to control could rub against the grain of Aries. Aries is impulsive and impatient, while Scorpio likes to plan a campaign of seduction in steps. With Aries, the new and the now are the inner rules. This can be a chancy choice for both of you. It could be lethal.

Aries - Sagittarius
Lucky Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of travelers, sages and chance-takers. Like Aries, Sagittarius can be very spontaneous in taking romantic risks. Yet Sagittarians tend to blurt out comments and may have been born without a tact chip in their heads. Even so, Aries and Sagittarius strike sparks. A Sagittarius activates Aries' ninth house -- philosophy, theology, idealism and romance. This could be a stellar match. Both are hard-working, spontaneous and adventurous. Aries has a built-in directive, "Do it now!" This is a great formula for the work-lovers to share. Both love to eat out and live in. In addition to creating a fire too hot to cool down, the traits of these two signs could make a good basis for a long-term romantic relationship.

Aries - Capricorn
An ambitious Capricorn can be an asset for the on-the-go Aries, but the Aries may feel cramped and the Capricorn may feel pushed. Capricorns are goal-oriented and drawn to potentially successful partners, people they feel they can work with. They will try to get an Aries to be better-organized, while the Aries caters to the Capricorn's need for love.
Aries, ruled by Mars, exists in Capricorn's fourth house of family, real estate and children. Capricorn's "wait until the vibes are right" attitude may clash with Aries' impatience, but Capricorn can handle Aries' fiery temperament. In the long run, though, Aries may be too impatient for Capricorn.

Aries - Aquarius
The combination of Mars-ruled Aries and Uranus-ruled Aquarius can be a firecracker combo. This may be a match made in heaven. Aquarius pours gasoline on Aries' burning embers. There will be much harmony but little rest, because Aries stimulates Aquarius' third house. There will be a lot of short journeys, activities, ideas, and visits to neighbors and close relatives. There is mental stimulation. Originality is a shared trait. Aries makes split decisions and encourages Aquarius to strike promptly when opportunity knocks. This could be a fiery and beautiful long-lasting romance.

Aries - Pisces
Jupiter- and Neptune-ruled Pisces can be a puzzle within an enigma who loves to dance, romance and write poetry. Pisceans can also be devious. But Pisces and Aries can fall madly in love. Each knows how to satisfy each other's needs. Pisces are people with fantasy moods, searching for a soulmate. The question is, is the Aries bewitched?


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