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Symbol: The Crab
Ruler: Moon
Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearl
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58
Colors: Silver, Green
Compatible signs: Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus
Dates: June 22 - July 22

In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle represented Cancer and symbolized the immortal life of the soul. Later, the crab became associated with Cancer. Both symbols have hard shells that provide security for their interiors, just as the body is a vehicle for the soul. And like the crab who carries its home on its back, you carry memories of home and family with you wherever you go. A water sign, you're sensitive and receptive to emotional stimuli. You rely on your feelings to navigate your path in life and possess incisive emotional perception that verges on the psychic. You're impressionable, and your sensitivity to jarring external forces requires you to constantly reestablish emotional balance to function outside your shell.
SECURITY is your keyword. Memories of your early childhood emotional dependence and parental nurturing -- whether optimal or dismal -- are a permanent reminder of the importance of feeling safe. Once you get your grip on anyone or anything that makes you feel secure, you want to hold on to it, store it or stockpile it. You form emotional attachments to belongings that have sentimental value and will even accumulate things that you feel you may eventually need through some unforeseen circumstance. When your level of security is undermined, particularly by domestic disturbances, you can lose your equilibrium, becoming irritable, hypersensitive, snappy, unforgiving, self-pitying and brooding.

Your state of health is dependent upon your emotional stability and your ability to give and receive nurturing. Cancer has dominion over the breasts, chest, womb, stomach and digestive organs, but also can be vulnerable in the hips, thighs and pelvis. If you're experiencing digestive disorders, they're more likely to be a symptom of inner conflicts than something you ate. Choose pure, wholesome bards rather than processed junk, avoiding stimulants because your system is too sensitive for them. Also avoid unhealthy dairy products and animal fats. Be careful not to get caught in a web of alcoholic overindulgence. Get off the couch and outdoors to air out your emotional reservoir and exercise by going bike riding, roller blading, jogging, swimming or horseback riding.

On good days, you're naturally inclined toward fun and leisure, and attract others with your dry wit and pronounced sense of humor. You have a knack for making others feel right at home, because you enjoy nurturing and catering to their needs. Your ideal relationship is based on mutual needs and strong family values. You require loyalty, devotion, trust and sympathy, and want someone who's passionate, intense, energetic, soulful and positive. Timid by nature, you are not aggressive in your approach to love. You send out vibrations of feelings to attract your intended, who you prefer is receptive on a psychic level. You could meet your type among psychiatrists, dentists, tax consultants, butchers, detectives, pharmacists, funeral directors, insurance brokers, chemists, surgeons, researchers or magicians.

Your affinity for parenthood extends to leadership in business or career. Your co-workers or employees become your extended family, and you promote teamwork with a sense of fair play and optimism. Variety is essential in your work, but your security needs may dictate that you eschew the free-lance workstyle for a job that provides a regular income and proximity to home. You might choose to work in fields associated with long-distance travel, foreign interests, sales, importing and exporting, hotels, household management, education, law, politics, sports, advertising, religion, fire-fighting or the military. Your propensity toward independence and self-assertive action marks you for a position of leadership.

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Cancer - Aries
Aries and the emotionally changeable Cancer are an odd couple. Cancerians need constant reassurance of their partner's devotion. Their priorities include ownership of real estate and a family -- in that order. With other signs, these priorities could scare off an Aries. But when a Cancer is involved, Aries warms up to Cancer's protective nature. This could be a lasting passion.

Cancer - Taurus
Taurus and Moon-ruled Cancer make a certain amount of sense. Both desire material and romantic security. Both know that things have to be paid for. Cancer is a creature of moods and can be changeable. With Cancer, a Taurus will be taking trips and writing poetry. Taurus' Venus ruler blends beautifully with Cancer's Moon. They have the same goals: security, home, a well-stocked kitchen and passion, which becomes contentment in later years.

Cancer - Gemini
Gemini soaks up information and impressions like a sponge, and may be attracted to the emotional Cancer. A Cancer helps a Gemini articulate feelings. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer needs someone to excite them with mental matters and to understand their moods. A Gemini's ambitions are spurred with Cancer. There may not be long-lasting bells here, but by the time the relationship is finished, Gemini will be healthier, wealthier, wiser and sexier. Cancer needs more reassurance and deeper feelings than Gemini can counterfeit. Gemini wants to tell jokes, while Cancer wants to be touched and to see demonstrated emotions.

Cancer - Cancer
This is not the most exciting relationship because these two can be very critical and may get caught up in red tape. Lunar-ruled Moonchildren are emotional and inclined toward home and family. When one Cancer is moody, the other is sympathetic. Moonchildren are touchers and huggers, not the worst traits for a couple that finds security in loving. Home ownership and real estate investments are part of the picture. The loving -- and the kitchen -- will be filled with activity, pleasure and joy.

Cancer - Leo
Cancers, also called Moonchildren, often click with Sun-ruled Leos. Leo represents to Moonchild a loyal, fun-loving, money-wise person whose home is a castle they can share. A Leo's furnishings are likely to be regal. Cancer makes money with Leo and could get valid investment counseling -- along with Leo's loyalty in love.

Cancer - Virgo
Cancer's Moon with Virgo's Mercury means trips and communications. Cancer will be in love, and will even write lyrics about love. Yet with Virgo, Cancer's green-eyed monster could appear. Family- and home-oriented Moonchild, Cancer, finds a romantic ally in Virgo. Virgos are neat, good parental material and have many skills. If they are critical at times, it's only because they are concerned about Cancer's health and longevity. This is not a bad emotional setup. Cancer furnishes emotion and fulfills Virgo's need for someone to touch him or her. With Cancer, Virgo's hopes, wishes and desires are fulfilled. These two signs make a lovely combination because Cancer brings good fortune in finance, romance and speculation. With Cancer, Virgo is able to fulfill obligations, promises and desires to help others. A Virgo with Cancer will have the money, the love and the self-esteem that Virgo needs.

Cancer - Libra
Cancers with Venus-ruled Libras will be entertaining, doing the party circuit. Libra is not only romantic but also addicted to partnership as a life goal. The emotional Cancer is hurt easily, whereas Libra is coolly rational. While there is a strong initial interest, there could be some discord here eventually.

Cancer - Scorpio
With Cancer and Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the feelings run deep and intense. Scorpio investigates what is secret, but does not like other people prying into his or her private life. Cancer must be supportive and pliant -- it will be worth it. In this match, there will be excitement, variety, experimentation and speculation. Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, so this relationship can be a tidal wave or smooth as silk. Since Cancer's lunar ruler makes for changeability, there is a tendency toward a relationship that equals a emotional rollercoaster. Yet Scorpio craves excitement and a magnetic partner, so you are something of a match. Travel and philosophical discourses (not to mention children) are likely byproducts of the romantic gamble. These two could be soulmates.

Cancer - Sagittarius
Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius likes to travel and play the big spender. A Cancer may meet a Sagittarius while he or she is away from home base. If a romance develops, it may require a Cancer to travel to a place even farther away. For a Sagittarius, life and love are big gambles. Cancer could just be another port of call, so it's a matter of whether a Cancer is willing to keep resolutions concerning diet, nutrition and exercise. When it comes to love, Cancer will be intrigued by the Jupiter of Sagittarius. Sagittarius could start a winning streak for Cancer, not only in gambling halls, but in relationships, judgment and intuitive intellect. Moon-ruled Cancer is in Sagittarius' eighth house of other people's money, mortgages and legacies. The pair will want to buy or manage property, or even get into the food business. Cancer and Sagittarius can have a loving relationship -- at least for the short term.

Cancer - Capricorn
Capricorn often puts business before pleasure. Cappies are searching for a workmate who can help them with their ambitions. They are long-term vision people with a patience level that is unbelievable. But Capricorn's ambition could put business before the emotional needs of Cancer. Instead, a Capricorn should pamper a Cancer's emotions. On the other hand, Cancer, a very emotional person, can warm up the cooler Capricorn. Capricorn's Saturn is the hour-hand on the clock of life and Cancer is the minute hand. Adjustments and adaptations are required to keep this human clock from sounding the alarm. Yet this can be a well-matched team. Physical attraction is strong, so after some trying times, the last half of life will be great.

Cancer - Aquarius
Broad-minded, Uranus-ruled Aquarius is seeking a companion who is well-read and can be a loving friend. An Aquarius is a collector of friends and appreciates someone social. With Aquarius, Cancer will begin to say, "There's something I don't know about you." Aquarius doesn't want to know Cancer's secrets. Aquarius doesn't always want things to be explainable because they love the unorthodox. The mystery will help keep this relationship together. When the relationship loses the mystery, it will begin to slip.

Cancer - Pisces
Pisces, a water sign like Cancer, is something of a poet and idealist. If Cancer is in one of his or her moods, Pisces will listen to tales of woe. The bad news is that Pisces can top these stories with even more downbeat vignettes. When it comes love, the fire between the two will be awakened. Cancer and Pisces can generate enough heat to last a lifetime.


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