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Symbol: The Sea-Goat
Ruler: Saturn
Birthstone: Onyx
Lucky Numbers: 10, 28, 37, 46, 55
Colors: Dark Blue, Indigo
Compatible signs: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio
Dates: Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

The Sea-Goat is a mythological figure symbolizing the dual nature of Capricorn. It alludes to the evolution of spirit from the sea of the collective unconscious to physical materialization and embodiment on earth. If you've retained the sympathetic nature of your fish-self, you'll eventually rise to serve humanity. But a duality of choices offers you the option of scaling the mountain to gain control over those below for selfish, personal ends. However, Capricorn represents the father figure, and unless you've been severely wounded by your own father, you probably have the welfare of the community or family at heart. You enjoy regulating and managing others' affairs and take pride in providing for, directing and protecting others.
Your keyword is SELF-MASTERY. You strive to be in control of your life and use it as a selling point to manage or master others. Constantly aware of your actions, you present a public image of confidence, poise and virtuosity. You may cut loose occasionally, but only behind closed doors. You're practical, serious and methodical with a cautious, careful attitude, because taking chances makes you unsteady and insecure. Unfounded fears, impatience or an insatiable appetite for power could bring out your unsympathetic, dictatorial, opportunistic side.

Your body's most vulnerable areas are your skin, teeth, knees, bones, joints, nerves and digestive system. You could suffer from all the ills that commonly afflict these areas, but your mind is probably the culprit behind dysfunctions. To test this theory, try to get through a day without a worry. If you add other negative mental states like despondency, depression, discontent and nervousness, you could do some major damage. Instead, choose to take deep stress-releasing breaths, develop faith, incorporate cheer, embrace self-love and build self-confidence on a daily basis until it becomes a natural part of your existence. Periodically treat yourself to a vacation in a warm climate in the most lush atmosphere you can afford. You enjoy walking, dancing, cycling, table tennis and controlled breathing.

You present an appearance of dignity and protect yourself from the emotional pain of criticism by maintaining your distance and keeping your own counsel. When you're sure of a person's approval, you'll drop your guard and be very witty, dispensing humor with a provocative edge. You enjoy entertaining on a grand scale and prefer cultivating relationships with people of high social standing who will boost your prestige. You desire a down-to-earth type who's reliable, compassionate, loyal, patient, trustworthy, industrious and shares your material ambitions and love of social status. You might meet them at banks, jewelry stores, florists, art galleries, music events, fine carpet stores, cattle farms, coral reefs, cultural centers, piano stores, sculpture gardens, treasuries and among singers.

You may encounter delays and problems along your career or business route, but they're part of the journey, not the destination. Be persistent and flexible, and seek positions that offer opportunities for self-expression and mobility. Consider working in writing, communications, primary education, transportation, sales or a secretarial position. Your shrewd mind and talents for organization, administration and management make you an ideal candidate for a corporate executive or political position. But you may gravitate towards the arts, specializing in design, painting, sculpture, music composition or poetry. You could successfully run a business in the fashion, beauty, art or entertainment industry.

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Capricorn - Aries
An ambitious Capricorn can be an asset for the on-the-go Aries, but the Aries may feel cramped and the Capricorn may feel pushed. Capricorns are goal-oriented and drawn to potentially successful partners, people they feel they can work with. They will try to get an Aries to be better-organized, while the Aries caters to the Capricorn's need for love. Aries, ruled by Mars, exists in Capricorn's fourth house of family, real estate and children. Capricorn's "wait until the vibes are right" attitude may clash with Aries' impatience, but Capricorn can handle Aries' fiery temperament. In the long run, though, Aries may be too impatient for Capricorn.

Capricorn - Taurus
Taurus and Capricorn? Now we are talking business and earthly desires in the making. Capricorn emphasizes duty first, achievement and ambition. These are traits that Taurus can appreciate, so this pair can make music together. Capricorn's stability and Taurus' pleasure-loving streak represent a very good balance. Don't play games with Capricorns, though, because they play for keeps. Capricorn and Taurus are natural loving companions because Taurus is in Capricorn's fifth house of romantic flings. If Capricorn strays into other relationships while wooing a Taurus, he or she will discover that green-eyed Taurus has a strong jealous streak and is very possessive. If Capricorn is a one-at-a-time lover with Taurus, the relationship looks positive. There is an excellent chance that this could be a permanent love. Both understand practical and material matters, and both have the added ingredient of patience. They could even end up as billionaires. Beautiful!

Capricorn - Gemini
Capricorns occupy Gemini's eighth house of mystery, other people's money and legacies. Capricorns are good providers and like to show off their love partners when they are being social, which is often for business reasons. Gemini and Capricorn can be assets to one another. Capricorns bring Geminis down to earth and help them organize their goals. Geminis learn more about money. This combination would be better at a business partnership than marriage, but a Gemini-Capricorn duo always produces good friends.

Capricorn - Cancer
Capricorn often puts business before pleasure. Cappies are searching for a workmate who can help them with their ambitions. They are long-term vision people with a patience level that is unbelievable. But Capricorn's ambition could put business before the emotional needs of Cancer. Instead, a Capricorn should pamper a Cancer's emotions. On the other hand, Cancer, a very emotional person, can warm up the cooler Capricorn. Capricorn's Saturn is the hour-hand on the clock of life and Cancer is the minute hand. Adjustments and adaptations are required to keep this human clock from sounding the alarm. Yet this can be a well-matched team. Physical attraction is strong, so after some trying times, the last half of life will be great.

Capricorn - Leo
Saturn-ruled Capricorn shuns the mediocre life and may bedazzled by dramatic Leo's achievements. Capricorns are cautious, ambitious and earthy in love. They want a love that won't be a passing fantasy. With Capricorn, love is a matter of maintaining dependents, pets, fitness, and having enough self-esteem to say, "I'm not satisfied with just getting along." Mediocrity in love is tossed out the window. Leo is vulnerable to Capricorn, because Leos say "love conquers all" and leave it at that. When Leo talks about love, it sounds reckless to Capricorn.

Capricorn - Virgo
Both Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs. Virgos are intelligent and are always pleasurable company. It is Virgo's role to serve the one they respect and cherish. Their Mercury rulership blends well with hard-working Capricorn because being organized is a built-in certainty. It takes awhile for Virgo to warm Capricorn's Saturnian armor. When it happens, however, Capricorn sees Virgo as a working, as well as a romantic, associate. When Capricorn gets the grumbles, Virgo furnishes a light romantic cure and promise of permanence for Capricorn. Both make an indelible mark on each other, respect each others' drive for change, travel, variety of sensations and shared experiences. You could be soulmates. This combination is highly recommended.

Capricorn - Libra
Venusian Libra with Saturnian Capricorn is not the odd couple people might imagine. Both are on-the-go signs. Capricorn will find a good match in party-loving Libra. Wherever Libra is, notable and substantial people mingle. Libra is the diplomat and socialite; Capricorn is hard-working and dutiful when it comes to love. You mesh like sugar and cream. This could prove to be a very decent marriage.

Capricorn - Scorpio
With this combination, there could be pleasure where you thought there would be problems. Scorpio's social activities accelerate with Capricorn. This couple could be entertaining important people in charity and politics. In the combination of Capricorn's Saturn and Scorpio's Pluto, there are continuing aspects of opportunity. Problems will be settled logically, and you will get your desires. Business-minded Capricorn blends well with Scorpio's gift of campaigning, and Capricorn benefits from Scorpio's glamour and charisma. The result is earth and water in a very romantic mix. There is a possibility of an enjoyable lifelong marriage here.

Capricorn - Sagittarius
The duty-ridden, down-to-earth Capricorn is good for Sagittarius financially. Capricorn's sun falls into Sagittarius' second house. However, the Capricorn may try to put reins on the Sagittarius' spending and devil-may-care attitude about money. These two signs share little in common; a Sagittarius celebrates life and spontaneity, whereas a Capricorn is ambitious and hard-working. To Capricorn, a Sagittarius seems to have a sense of unreality about life. This match is not recommended.

Capricorn - Capricorn
Both of you are organized, hard-working and destined to make your mark in the world of business. Capricorn's ambition drives him or her to work around the clock. You know the value of good timing -- both romantically and in the mundane world of making money. The shared earthiness of your characters promises a heavy-duty, lasting love.

Capricorn - Aquarius
A Capricorn senses the restlessness of his or her partner. This makes a Capricorn feel insecure about the relationship. But a little Uranus-ruled Aquarius excitement could be good if Capricorn is stuck in a routine. Aquarius is in Capricorn's second house of monetary opportunities and development of new talents. This is fortunate, because Aquarius has a king-size box of original ideas. Capricorn is aware of Aquarius' multiple and inventive talents, and will help Aquarius to learn how to make more practical use of them. A Capricorn will help an Aquarius get better-organized and will motivate an Aquarius to utilize his or her Uranian ideals -- transforming them into practical action. As a fixed sign, Aquarius has a healthy desire for money and love but may be a bit unearthly for Cappie. Capricorn has an intense feeling of duty where love is concerned. Yet Aquarius's view on love is that it should be an equal friendship that blossoms throughout the years. Watch out: Capricorn adores Aquarius but has a tendency to be more dutiful than loving.

Capricorn - Pisces
Capricorn's third house dweller is Neptune's inspiring Pisces. The big challenge in this relationship is for a Capricorn to break the code of Pisces' pronouncements. A Capricorn wants straight answers, but with Pisces he or she may get a version of doublespeak because of Neptune's complex mind. In matters of loving, this combination produces practicality wedded with soul, respect and responsiveness. Emotional Pisces may be willing to please Capricorn. In spite of Capricorn's occasional coldness and Pisces' permanent need for warmth, there exists good potential for a fine, long-lasting romance.


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