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Symbol: The Twins
Ruler: Mercury
Birthstone: Yellow Carnelian Agate
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57
Colors: Yellow
Compatible signs: Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries
Dates: May 21 - June 21

The Twins, incorporated in most of the mythologies of advanced cultures, represent the duality of Gemini. In the zodiac cycle, your mental element of air is added to the inner fiery life spark of Aries and the earthiness of Taurus to produce the third sign, Gemini. But the air (heaven) is above the earth and therein lies the split or duality. Your role is to use your instinctive mind and ambidextrous abilities to alleviate contradictions. Fortunately, diversity and variety turn you on. You enjoy mental recreation, but you also appreciate traveling in search of adventure and amusement. Curious and inquiring, you collect information and facts and can learn by osmosis.
Your keyword is COMMUNICATION. It's your bridge to understanding and unity. Your enjoyment of the use of words enhances your ability to converse. You are quick, perceptive, clever, playful and imaginative, and you express yourself to feel alive. Though your content may not be the most profound, your engaging manner and interesting tales charm your audience. Like air, you feel fresh when you can move around mentally and physically unrestricted. But when traveling, you're likely to take along beepers, mobile phones, laptop computers, portable radios and televisions, and remote controls. You like being busy, juggling two or more things at once. Boredom, censure or repression could make you impatient, restless, anxious, snappish, sarcastic, gossipy, cynical or nervously exhausted.

You find creative expression through beauty and the arts, as well as socializing. But your health could suffer from plain old nervous exhaustion, if you burn the candles at both ends. The stress of going through any heavy, psychological, transformative life lessons could get you down. Your vulnerable physical points are your hands, arms, shoulders, lungs, nervous system, and reproductive and urinary systems. Regulate your schedule and get plenty of sleep, fresh air and sunshine. Avoid stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, drink lots of water and get plenty of fiber in your diet.

Your nature is to be enthusiastically sociable, and it is easy to mix with people, because of your inherent proclivity for light conversation and humor. Your initial toward others is based on mental compatibility. Romance, affection and sexual expression come after you've found intellectual sympathy and satisfaction. You love romance, but approach it mentally, not emotionally. You're fond of exchanging verbal expressions of love and, in addition to enjoying passionate phone calls, you may write poetry or send frequent greeting cards. You would do best with someone of good social standing who is diplomatic, cooperative, affectionate, charming, artistic and well balanced. You could meet your type in jewelry or clothing boutiques, museums, galleries, at weddings, or at interior design, poetry, music, or fine art events.

You have a wide range of artistic and creative abilities and want a career that's stimulating, varied and interesting. You're a convincing speaker and can influence the public. Consider careers in teaching, communication, telecommunications, broadcasting, writing, lecturing, investigative news research and reporting, or journalism. Your curious, penetrating intellect could lead you to work in investigation, detection, and research, or as a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor or therapist. Investment brokerage firms, collection agencies, banks, accounting and bookkeeping firms, insurance agencies and government posts are possibilities for work, as well as free-lance tax consulting, financial advising or sales. You could make a successful career out of hobbies in music, dance, drawing, design and painting.

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Gemini - Aries
The Aries and Mercury-ruled Gemini combination includes communication and flirtation. Geminis are charmers, not to mention witty word people. They are looking for someone with whom they can exchange ideas, as well as someone to love. This combination has great possibilities for warmth. It could be a nurturing, exciting, romantic love.

Gemini - Taurus
This is a sort of tortoise-and-hare couple. Taurus takes time to make decisions, while Gemini scatters in many different directions. Geminis, ruled by Mercury, are never at a loss for words. They are born salespersons, eager to know more and learn why. Taurus teaches them about love. Geminis are adaptable and want a love that inspires. They will help Taurus learn to articulate his or her feelings.

Gemini - Gemini
In this combination, there will be a lot of action, communication and the beginning of -- but not necessarily the finishing of -- new projects. The pace will be fast, with stimulating ideas transformed into action. Two Geminis could produce great inventions, if they could to stick to it. Both are up on the latest gossip and have verbal, writing or selling talents. Adept at bright conversation, Geminis are invited to social gatherings because, together, they sparkle. In romance, they are inventive, experimental, willing and able. It could work, if one has an earth sign rising.

Gemini - Cancer
Gemini soaks up information and impressions like a sponge, and may be attracted to the emotional Cancer. A Cancer helps a Gemini articulate feelings. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer needs someone to excite them with mental matters and to understand their moods. A Gemini's ambitions are spurred with Cancer. There may not be long-lasting bells here, but by the time the relationship is finished, Gemini will be healthier, wealthier, wiser and sexier. Cancer needs more reassurance and deeper feelings than Gemini can counterfeit. Gemini wants to tell jokes, while Cancer wants to be touched and to see demonstrated emotions.

Gemini - Leo
Leo's Sun revs up Gemini's Mercury. Leo inspires Gemini. The Sun of Leo with Gemini's Mercury ruler makes Gemini want to express himself or herself even more than usual. Gemini could fall madly in love with the dramatic and social Leo. But be careful, Gemini. Don't hurt Leo's pride because Leo is looking for followers. Leos like to be the center of attention, and Geminis like to play devil's advocate. If they're not careful, Geminis could talk themselves right out of the relationship.

Gemini - Virgo
Virgo may bring out the practical side of Gemini, which is no small feat. Gemini likes to argue, and Virgo is apt to criticize. Even so, both are ruled by Mercury and there is mutual appreciation of each other's mental attitude of wanting to know more. This pair will be saying to each other, "Let's put it on the line, where's the home, where's the property, who is going to pay?" Gemini is full of ideas and Virgo full of facts, so Virgo helps Gemini to be logical with ideas. With their love, they could stand together against the world, but with all their Mercury stimulating each other's minds, they may forget the more physical nature of their relationship.

Gemini - Libra
The Gemini-Libra alliance combines a love of mind and body. Creative juices stir with this combination. Gemini will be physically attracted to Libra because of his or her attractiveness, creativity, style and panache. This pairing has a strong potential for a beautiful and long-lasting relationship -- spiritually, physically and mentally. Both like to circulate, with Libras having a preference for parties, gallery openings and music performances. But remember, Libra. Gemini wants a sounding board and some loving, too.

Gemini - Scorpio
Adaptable Gemini is drawn to seductive and intriguing Scorpio, who wants to control intimates and others. There's an aura of glamour you can feel across the room with Scorpio. Gemini, do your flirting with only Scorpio, or else! Gemini's flirtatious and freedom-loving nature could bring out the worst in Scorpio's control-oriented jealousy. Be warned!

Gemini - Sagittarius
These two signs are polar opposites, but sometimes opposites attract. Sagittarians are born salespersons, but tact is not their best suit. Many like to gamble. Geminis will be very drawn to Sagittarians, whom they may meet while traveling. They attend conferences together and both like to teach and share knowledge, education and spiritual ideas. Gemini is in Sagittarius' seventh house of marriage and partnership. Gemini excels when it comes to advertising and sales skills. You will match wits with each other, and what Sagittarius lacks will be complemented by Gemini's bag of mental tricks. It takes a certain amount of idle talk to turn on Gemini's warmer feelings. But this can happen because Gemini and Sagittarius have so much in common when it comes to flexibility and travel. The air element of Gemini with the fire of Sagittarius makes the flames of this passion hard to subdue. These two signs could be soulmates, but both need to give each other freedom and space.

Gemini - Capricorn
Capricorns occupy Gemini's eighth house of mystery, other people's money and legacies. Capricorns are good providers and like to show off their love partners when they are being social, which is often for business reasons. Gemini and Capricorn can be assets to one another. Capricorns bring Geminis down to earth and help them organize their goals. Geminis learn more about money. This combination would be better at a business partnership than marriage, but a Gemini-Capricorn duo always produces good friends.

Gemini - Aquarius
Aquarius' main ruler, Uranus, can produce plenty of surprises. An Aquarius has many friends, some strange and some in the genius class. Aquarius also has a stubborn side, but Gemini has the gift of persuasion. If love is a fire, Aquarius whips up the flames in this relationship. Both enjoy fascinating talks (sprightly conversation is Gemini's forté) and share a flirtatious nature. Both are table-hoppers and willing physical mates. This relationship has much in its favor, but there is an aura of illusion. Is it for real?

Gemini - Pisces
Neptune-ruled Pisces, weaver of spells and dreams, can be emotionally drawn to the more mental Gemini. Pisceans love to dance cheek-to-cheek and may dash off some poetry about you and your shared love. They cling to those they love. This may be a strange interlude. Water and air is the Pisces and Gemini mix. Gemini falls in Pisces' fourth house, which means a focus on real estate, home, domestic matters and good conversation. Gemini is the rolling stone of the zodiac. Geminis like to move and will have the Pisces packing boxes and suitcases more often than he or she would like. The challenge for a Pisces is to help Gemini focus on which of their ideas warrant action. Pisces will have to try to keep both parties realistic, which is no easy feat. This relationship can have its trials.


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