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Symbol: The Lion
Ruler: Sun
Birthstone: Sardonyx, Amber, Ruby
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Colors: Gold, Orange, Red, Full-Spectrum mixes
Compatible signs: Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini
Dates: July 23 - August 22

Your symbol, the lion, the king of beasts, has long been equated with your ruler, the Sun, king of the planets. Only the sun, the vital life force and the superstar of our solar system, emits light. You're naturally inclined to be in the spotlight on stage -- center stage. You project the confidence, nobility, strength, virility, and courage of the lion. Like the kings and queens of old, you feel it's your birthright to be in the center of affairs, with all others dependent upon you for leadership, guidance and solar energy. You love the enhanced sense of self that wielding power gives you, and you'll create ways to gain the position of leadership you feel you deserve.
Your keyword is RECOGNITION. You're happiest when others acknowledge your abilities, power, magnificence and authority. If they do, you'll be able to establish your place among the elite of the hierarchy. In your world, you make the rules, expecting everyone else to follow them if they wish to play your game. You're capable of expressing yourself in all your resplendent glory and make an even wider impression, which is your motivation. Taken to an extreme, your natural tendencies could lead to excessive egotism and the will to dominate and conquer without any concern for the welfare of your "subjects." The warning signs to watch for are stubbornness, dogmatism and biting sarcasm.

You take pride in your strong constitution, recuperative powers and ability to maintain health. Your sign rules the heart, the vital organ of life. As long as you feel loved, you feel fine. However, it would be wise to protect your heart by keeping your blood pure, your arteries open and your circulation flowing. Medical studies have found that olive oil, ginger, garlic, and wine (in moderation) help ward off heart disease. Health professionals recommend you exercise regularly and eat seabard, vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes, and eliminate smoking, excessive alcohol and coffee, sugar, fried bards, animal proteins and fat, and stress -- both mental and environmental -- from your life. Protect yourself from colds and falls, and get regular dental checkups. Consider acupuncture as a remedy for knee problems.
When you're truly your 'Highness', you're noble, generous, caring, open, loving and sympathetic. You can inspire others with your wit and humor and offer wise counsel based on your experiences. The romantic personified, you're intent on exploring every facet of love. You like romantic novels and dream of honeymoons, meeting a distant lover, or engaging someone of foreign birth, but it's hard for you to focus on one person. Someone generous, optimistic, philosophical, versatile, sporty, romantic, and open-minded could capture your undivided attention. You might meet your type while traveling, at places of worship, outdoor sports events (horse or car racing, archery, hiking), bookstores, publishing companies, colleges, in court, foreign countries, or on ships and airplanes.
With your vibrant personality, organizational abilities, acute financial perception and innate business sense, it shouldn't take long for you to work your way up the corporate ladder. A position as an administrator, civil service worker, civil lawyer, executive, or manager might give you the responsibility and authority you desire and lead to a future as a banker, stockbroker, financier, manufacturer, or financial analyst. Or you could decide to use your creative talents in speech-making, acting, stage direction, writing, publishing, music, singing, comedy, decorating, designing, gardening or farming.

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Leo - Aries
Leo, ruled by the Sun, can tickle an Aries' strong ego and fancy for a loyal lover. Leo likes to give orders and can be inflexible at times. These two signs need to stroke each other's egos. Even so, an Aries and a Leo can be creative -- dramatically and romantically. This could be a red-hot combination, but watch out for the element of competition.

Leo - Taurus
The stubborn meets the inflexible in the Leo-Taurus combination. There may be obstacles, political differences, philosophical battles and a clash of ideas. Leos are sunny and outgoing, yet their nature puts them on the prowl for a willing partner to serve as prey. Leo purrs with pleasure when pleased and is apt to roar when denied. Is the Taurus willing to stroke the mane?

Leo - Gemini
Leo's Sun revs up Gemini's Mercury. Leo inspires Gemini. The Sun of Leo with Gemini's Mercury ruler makes Gemini want to express himself or herself even more than usual. Gemini could fall madly in love with the dramatic and social Leo. But be careful, Gemini. Don't hurt Leo's pride because Leo is looking for followers. Leos like to be the center of attention, and Geminis like to play devil's advocate. If they're not careful, Geminis could talk themselves right out of the relationship.

Leo - Cancer
Cancers, also called Moonchildren, often click with Sun-ruled Leos. Leo represents to Moonchild a loyal, fun-loving, money-wise person whose home is a castle they can share. A Leo's furnishings are likely to be regal. Cancer makes money with Leo and could get valid investment counseling -- along with Leo's loyalty in love.

Leo - Leo
Being full of charm, personality and the ability to entertain is wonderful, but this relationship depends on one of the Leos giving up the spotlight. Each should realize the need for the other to show off. Fun-loving Leos are a love team, warmed by their mutual ruler, the Sun. They play jokes, are creative and think of their home as their castle -- a place to entertain friends royally. This is the perfect king and queen setup. Leo is a sign of leadership and drama. There will be some power struggles but lots of loving snuggles, too.

Leo - Virgo
All the world is a stage to Leo, and Leo is looking for a supporting actor or actress who can spotlight his or her moments in a cozy setting. Adaptable and well-groomed Virgo is a natural backup singer to Leo's stellar role. The loving is part of the romantic drama. The Sun of Leo with Virgo's Mercury is red hot. Before you know it, secrets are revealed. With Leo, the darker corners of Virgo's life receive the benefit of more light. A Virgo might be saying, "Why did I do this? Why did I do that?" Don't burden Leo with it, Virgo. Just tell Leo that everything is hunky-dory. In a Leo-Virgo combination, excitement and thrills never will fade. Both of you like to laugh. Cheery Leo likes to hear good news, enjoys applause and likes people to obey orders. The concept of fixed Leo and adaptable Virgo is like cream and sugar.

Leo - Libra
This partnership combines Libra's Venus with Leo's flaming Sun. In short, this relationship literally dictates "hot love." You don't want to get seared. Leo has to be careful to protect himself or herself in clinches at close quarters. Mutual love and trust quickly develop. Libras enjoy sharing the spotlight with dramatic Leo. The Libra brings the Leo into contact with people of distinction, and the Leo will revel in the quality of their friends.

Leo - Scorpio
Sun-ruled Leo with Pluto-ruled Scorpio gives you property values, basic issues, standing tall and refusing to give up something of value for nothing. With Scorpios, Leos could be swept off their feet. But while landing back on the ground, enjoy every minute of it. Scorpio's glamour and tense desires can lure Leo into thoughts of financial gain and pleasure day and night. Leos are take-charge people, often department heads or in the creative field or in front of the camera. There may be power plays here. Leos find humor in many of life's situations and are prone to upstage even their intimates. In love, Scorpio and Leo will be emotional, sensual and fierce. With this combination, all the world is a stage, although Scorpio may be the supporting role.

Leo - Sagittarius
In this combination, life will be filled with a lot of drama. Sagittarius is spontaneous and in a gambling mood when love is the prize. Leo likes to strut, and he or she is proud of their companion. This pair will share the spotlight together and will each get a share of attention and applause. Leo likes the high life, which suits Sagittarius. Leo stimulates Sagittarius' ninth house. The two will enjoy philosophical discussions, long journeys, cruises and sharing knowledge through the written word. There may even be some time spent in front of a microphone or camera.

Leo - Capricorn
Saturn-ruled Capricorn shuns the mediocre life and may be dazzled by dramatic Leo's achievements. Capricorns are cautious, ambitious and earthy in love. They want a love that won't be a passing fantasy. With Capricorn, love is a matter of maintaining dependents, pets, fitness, and having enough self-esteem to say, "I'm not satisfied with just getting along." Mediocrity in love is tossed out the window. Leo is vulnerable to Capricorn, because Leos say "love conquers all" and leave it at that. When Leo talks about love, it sounds reckless to Capricorn.

Leo - Aquarius
Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites. There is much to like and love in this combination. For starters, Aquarius is in Leo's partnership and marriage house. Aquarian electricity amplifies the warm, solar rays of Leo. These two burn love's candle at both ends gloriously. They could light up the world. Leo tickles Aquarius' funny bone and amuses with humorous stories, so there will be fun and frolic in this match. Leo is a proud sign with a loving heart. Criticism of a Leo is unwelcome, so if Aquarius wants something from Leo, he or she should pour on the compliments. Leos are loyal and fun to be with. This air and fire combination can fan a white-hot flame. There may be a question of who takes care of details because both tend to see the big picture, rather than the minutiae. But it's love, love, love.

Leo - Pisces
In Leo there is the element of fantasy and a sense of drama; in Pisces there is a feeling of Disneyland, the ultimate vacation. Pisces is a flexible sign that sees a poetic excursion in romance. Leo and Pisces are alleged to be showbiz signs, so there will be plenty of drama in this combination. If Leo attempts to fool Pisces, Leo could find that the attempt boomerangs. Leo likes to play the boss and the actor. Pisces might feel like a lesser but active member of the cast. Leo appreciates Pisces' Neptunian illusions and can work them into something material. Pisces' air of mystery attracts Leo, and Pisces finds Leo enchanting and physically attractive. Pisces will try to please Leos but should be careful not to overdo it. With Pisces and Leo, a love relationship could make headlines, but it will take a sense of humor to make this one last.


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