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Symbol: The Scales
Ruler: Venus
Birthstone: Diamond
Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Colors: Indigo, Yellow, Blue, Pastels
Compatible signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo
Dates: Sept. 23 - Oct. 23

The Greeks saw this constellation as the scales, an instrument of justice and balance. As an air sign that marks the midpoint of the year, you strive for mental equilibrium and harmony in your life and environment. You weigh things one against the other, considering every angle of an issue in an attempt to reach equanimity. By taking a logical approach to reaching an objective judgment, you can save time and make wise decisions quickly. Otherwise, you can find yourself miserably bound in indecision and fluctuation, straddling the fence or wavering from one extreme of the scale to the other.
Your keyword is BALANCE. And to maintain it, you must be willing to constantly re-evaluate situations in an ever-changing world, accepting positive and negative developments as valid and vital ingredients necessary for life growth. It's important that you maintain an inner connection to the voice within that tells you when to make adjustments for your highest good. Take time out to ponder and refine your thoughts, building wisdom, stabilizing yourself and bringing order to your mind. You're liable to strike out aggressively when your inner equilibrium is challenged. A lack of confidence in your decision-making skills can cause you to choose manipulative or deceitful tactics, or become co-dependent.

Libra rules the kidneys, which are the filters that maintain our water balance. To care for your kidneys, health professionals suggest you drink 2-3 quarts of water a day, restrict salt, reduce animal protein and dairy products and avoid antacids and oxalate-rich bards. They recommend you eat more avocados, bananas, barley, bran, brown rice, buckwheat, corn, green leafy vegetables, lima beans, oats, rye, soy and whole wheat. You may find your feet also require special care. Treating yourself to pedicures and a periodic bart massage or reflexology treatment can relieve tired aching feet while harmonizing your emotions. Reflexology and other massage techniques will help preserve the well-being of your organs and glands.

You love to socialize and can be quite popular, because of your good-humored, gracious, sympathetic nature. You're not interested in superficial acquaintances and may be cautious in love and romance. You'll establish friendship first and weed out those who don't meet your intellectual standards. You want to share a relationship with someone who's romantic, humanitarian, independent, idealistic, unbiased, spontaneous, inventive, sociable and insightful. A partner will enjoy sharing in unconventional entertainment with you and your friends. You could meet your type on planes or at airports, auto shows, radio or TVstations, movie theaters, electric or telephone companies; among friends, astrologers, aviators, broadcasting technicians, chiropractors, senators, congressmen, electricians, mechanics, motorcyclists, psychologists, psychotherapists, scientists; or at social affairs or clubs affiliated with these types of people.

Unless you decide to work in your home, you would like an environment that's tastefully appointed where cultured, beautiful people mingle and your creative imagination is considered an asset. Amiable, with a genuine desire to please, you have a special flair for working with the public and understanding their needs. You could work in music, dance, photography, drama, radio, TV, film, fine art, interior design, fashion design or public relations. Or you might consider a career related to home, family, women, mothers, and babies, such as domestic service, catering, restaurants, baking, wedding cake decorating, nursing, midwifery, social work, care providing, and hotel-motel or bed and breakfast management.

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Libra - Aries
The Mars of Aries and the Venus of Libra are strongly attracted. These two are likely to meet in a social situation, surrounded by people of the "better classes." Venus-ruled Libras are "we and us" people because they live under the partnership sign. Libras require good manners and hassle-free exchanges. An Aries doesn't want the Libra to stop flirting. An Aries should, however, ask Libra to keep his or her fanciful trysts on a platonic level -- just to keep Aries' jealousy in check. Libra could be the sign that makes Aries want to stay home more often and snuggle up by the fire on wintry nights.

Libra - Taurus
A team-up is possible between Venus-ruled Taurus and Libra. The operating word here is team, as far as Libra is concerned. Libra is a social animal and likes to parade his or her lover in group gatherings. It's important for Taurus to be prepared for entertaining around the clock. Libras are basically peaceable and lovable. Taurus with Libra will be saying, "Let me come up for air, this is almost too much of a good thing."

Libra - Gemini
The Gemini-Libra alliance combines a love of mind and body. Creative juices stir with this combination. Gemini will be physically attracted to Libra because of his or her attractiveness, creativity, style and panache. This pairing has a strong potential for a beautiful and long-lasting relationship -- spiritually, physically and mentally. Both like to circulate, with Libras having a preference for parties, gallery openings and musicperformances. But remember, Libra. Gemini wants a sounding board and some loving, too.

Libra - Cancer
Cancers with Venus-ruled Libras will be entertaining, doing the party circuit. Libra is not only romantic but also addicted to partnership as a life goal. The emotional Cancer is hurt easily, whereas Libra is coolly rational. While there is a strong initial interest, there could be some discord here eventually.

Libra - Leo
This partnership combines Libra's Venus with Leo's flaming Sun. In short, this relationship literally dictates "hot love." You don't want to get seared. Leo has to be careful to protect himself or herself in clinches at close quarters. Mutual love and trust quickly develop. Libras enjoy sharing the spotlight with dramatic Leo. The Libra brings the Leo into contact with people of distinction, and the Leo will revel in the quality of their friends.

Libra - Virgo
Virgo, shy at first and discriminating, can see many fine qualities in Venusian Libra. Socially active Libra propels fashion-conscious Virgo before the public and into interesting company. Libras could also improve Virgo's financial situation. This combination could be stimulating, workable and everlasting. This paid could be called elitists by others, but they would have their love to keep them warm.

Libra - Libra
This pairing of the partnership signs could be interesting. Libras must be careful to not scatter forces. They will do a lot of socializing, and there will be lots of laughter in their lives. Both will dress to complement each other, and will be quite a dashing couple in social situations. Goal- and leadership-oriented, theywill be before the public a great deal. Home furnishings will be both comfortable and posh. This may not be a red-hot romance, but privately, Libras are a couple of love birds. This could be an amusing, pleasing and elevating relationship.

Libra - Scorpio
Libra's Venus connects with Scorpio's Pluto and Mars. Scorpio's 12th house is stimulated, which indicates clandestine meetings and uncovering secrets. Libra will make sure Scorpio connects with the right people. Scorpio will be more of a party person when linked up with Libra. Libra likes to flirt, however, so Scorpio needs to keep its jealous nature in check. Although Libra prefers peace, a Scorpio should know that there is an iron hand underneath that glove of velvet.

Libra - Sagittarius
Libra and Sagittarius meet up in Sagittarius' house of friendship, the 11th sector of hopes and wishes. Most likely, Libras will consider the pros and cons of letting friendship mature into a more intimate relationship. Libra's symbol is the scales, so a Sagittarius is weighed to see if he or she is what has been missing in Libra's life. In Libra, Sagittarius will find a very classy person and a loving romantic, as well as someone who demands loyalty. The flames of love abound.

Libra - Capricorn
Venusian Libra with Saturnian Capricorn is not the odd couple people might imagine. Both are on-the-go signs. Capricorn will find a good match in party-loving Libra. Wherever Libra is, notable and substantial people mingle. Libra is the diplomat and socialite; Capricorn is hard-working and dutiful when it comes to love. You mesh like sugar and cream. This could prove to be a very decent marriage.

Libra - Aquarius
Libras think in terms of "we, us and ours." They see that Aquarius is in the social whirl and will introduce him or her to prominent people. Libra is in Aquarius' ninth house of travel, adventure, philosophy and publishing. These two signs are favorably matched and have a great basic attraction with benefits for both. Aquarius respects Libra, and Libra appreciates Aquarius' humanitarian feelings toward social justice. This pairing promises visits to other countries.

Libra - Pisces
Water and air, Pisces and Venusian Libra meet up in Pisces' eighth house of mortgages, loans, insurance and sensuality. Pisces will spend less time alone when matched with socially prominent Libra. There will be parties to attend, and art and music revues will enlarge Pisces' personal picture. There are some romantic risks in this pairing, so great care must be taken to build on a solid base.


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