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Symbol: The Fish
Ruler: Neptune
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Lucky Numbers: 12, 21, 39, 48, 57
Colors: Sea Green, Aqua
Compatible signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Dates: Feb. 19 - March 20

Your symbol, the two fishes, dates back to Egypt around 2,300 BC. In the constellation of Pisces, one fish faces east and swims upward while the other swims west along the plane of the ecliptic, signifying a duality of nature. The eastern fish suggests an upward ascent or a heavenly/spiritual disposition; the western fish, a mundane/earthly alignment. You're more likely to head toward the spiritual direction of the eastern fish, which seems most intent upon altering its course. The alternate reality you envision and create with fantasy, dreams, meditation and spiritual bliss is much more attractive to you than the trials, tribulations and sorrow you encounter on the material plane. In the extreme, you could become an ascetic addicted to spiritual attainment, turning your back on the world.
Your keyword is UNIFICATION. Rather than retreating into TV, drugs, or drinking, you can tune into your higher self through meditation. You can channel wisdom and guidance for your own and others' practical, earthly good. Have your cake and eat it too by uniting your inner spiritual aspirations with your physical experiences. You enjoy practicing meditation in various forms including dance, yoga, loving devotion and contemplation. Its benefits will filter down into your everyday life, helping you rise above your emotions, fears, false imaginings and superstitions.

Your feet and heart need special attention and care. Always wear well fitted shoes and get immediate care if any bart problems arise. Consider reflexology as a remedial approach. By reducing your intake of dairy products and white flour, you could cure your tendency to produce a lot of mucus and phlegm, and your heart will do better as well. Drugs and alcohol (including cigarettes and coffee, which are ruled by your sign) can be even more dangerous to your health if you're attempting to drown your fears, confusion, or sorrows in them. Pursue an artistic or creative hobby as an outlet and schedule regular retreats to shed accumulated vibrations you've absorbed from others. Visit beaches, bathing resorts and waterfalls, or indulge in other aquatic pleasures for healing therapy.

You're the most romantic and loving sign of the zodiac, and approach love emotionally, seeking a relationship based on security, comfort and nurturing. You often link love and procreation. You admire people who are receptive, industrious, conscientious, economical, domestic, maternal, sociable, sympathetic and protective. Your mom might introduce you to your type, or you could find a partner at ocean resorts, water sport events, grocery stores, in hotels, restaurants, public gardens, laundries, on ships or boats, or working in catering, politics, real estate or sports.

Whether you're an employer or employee, you need to occupy yourself with work that makes you proud, showcases your talents, and allows growth and freedom of choice. You love to work in surroundings of grandeur, and prefer traveling first class. You're motivated by your passion for creative self-expression and adventure rather than money. Your first approach should be to seek work that will bring you fulfillment on these levels. You could work in the entertainment field as a musician, actor, dancer, comedian or master of ceremonies. You're well suited to be a personality in film, radio or television. For a long-term career choice, consider aviation, the legal field, the judicial system, sports, publishing, theology, writing, journalism, counseling and education.

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Pisces - Aries
Jupiter- and Neptune-ruled Pisces can be a puzzle within an enigma who loves to dance, romance and write poetry. Pisceans can also be devious. But Pisces and Aries can fall madly in love. Each knows how to satisfy each other's needs. Pisces are people with fantasy moods, searching for a soulmate. The question is, is the Aries bewitched?

Pisces - Taurus
Mysterious Neptune is the main ruler of Pisces, the so-called "dream boat" of the zodiac. Pisces wants a dance partner, someone who can bring out his or her poetic nature. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, is strongly attracted to someone of an equally loving nature, like Taurus. Pisces highlights a Taurus' hopes and wishes. This can be one of the best combinations. Taurus feels needed and secure with Pisces, and Pisces feels secure enough to free the inner spirit and lets Taurus make the earthly decisions. By fulfilling each others' emotional needs, this relationship will thrive with sensuality.

Pisces - Gemini
Neptune-ruled Pisces, weaver of spells and dreams, can be emotionally drawn to the more mental Gemini. Pisceans love to dance cheek-to-cheek and may dash off some poetry about you and your shared love. They cling to those they love. This may be a strange interlude. Water and air is the Pisces and Gemini mix. Gemini falls in Pisces' fourth house, which means a focus on real estate, home, domestic matters and good conversation. Gemini is the rolling stone of the zodiac. Geminis like to move and will have the Pisces packing boxes and suitcases more often than he or she would like. The challenge for a Pisces is to help Gemini focus on which of their ideas warrant action. Pisces will have to try to keep both parties realistic, which is no easy feat. This relationship can have its trials.

Pisces - Cancer
Pisces, a water sign like Cancer, is something of a poet and idealist. If Cancer is in one of his or her moods, Pisces will listen to tales of woe. The bad news is that Pisces can top these stories with even more downbeat vignettes. When it comes love, the fire between the two will be awakened. Cancer and Pisces can generate enough heat to last a lifetime.

Pisces - Leo
In Leo there is the element of fantasy and a sense of drama; in Pisces there is a feeling of Disneyland, the ultimate vacation. Pisces is a flexible sign that sees a poetic excursion in romance. Leo and Pisces are alleged to be showbiz signs, so there will be plenty of drama in this combination. If Leo attempts to fool Pisces, Leo could find that the attempt boomerangs. Leo likes to play the boss and the actor. Pisces might feel like a lesser but active member of the cast. Leo appreciates Pisces' Neptunian illusions and can work them into something material. Pisces' air of mystery attracts Leo, and Pisces finds Leo enchanting and physically attractive. Pisces will try to please Leos but should be careful not to overdo it. With Pisces and Leo, a love relationship could make headlines, but it will take a sense of humor to make this one last.

Pisces - Virgo
Pisces and Virgo are water and earth. Together, they represent the fantastic and complex. Virgo is all facts, figures and practicality. Virgos are neat in their habits and have trouble passing a clothing store without entering. Virgos want their love partner to be fashionable, so Pisces soon will be wearing new duds. Pisces is in Virgo's seventh house of middle-aisle possibilities. The two of you may wind up going down the aisle together for that eternal joining, or something more temporary and memorable. The combination of Virgo's Mercury and Pisces' Neptune is a bit of heaven. Virgo can tenderly keep Pisces' feet on the ground. Pisces is a weaver of dreams and a lifelong romantic. This romance can be lasting.

Pisces - Libra
Water and air, Pisces and Venusian Libra meet up in Pisces' eighth house of mortgages, loans, insurance and sensuality. Pisces will spend less time alone when matched with socially prominent Libra. There will be parties to attend, and art and music revues will enlarge Pisces' personal picture. There are some romantic risks in this pairing, so great care must be taken to build on a solid base.

Pisces - Scorpio
Pisces' Neptune combined with Scorpio's Pluto will lead to a fresh start and a new direction for Scorpio. Scorpio will be more independent and full of pride but not necessarily the kind of pride that comes before the fall. When paired with Pisces, there is mystery and intrigue. Scorpio will not be completely innocent when it comes to holding things back. When the two fall in love, they will retain surprises for each other. Both are water signs, sharing intuitiveness as well as strong libidos. Scorpio is inspired by Pisces' dreams and poetic nature. The love light is apt to be in the light of many candles. When the relationship seems finished, it may not be. This could be a life-long love.

Pisces - Sagittarius
The Pisces-Sagittarius combination emphasizes home. This home, full of good meals and children, will become the base to which Sagittarius returns after travels. Homecoming celebrations will include generous helpings of love. Pisces and Sagittarius share a significant planet, Jupiter. There will be continual honeymoons if Pisces can accept Sagittarius' razzle-dazzle comings and goings. The chances of this happening fall in the "maybe" range.

Pisces - Capricorn
Capricorn's third house dweller is Neptune's inspiring Pisces. The big challenge in this relationship is for a Capricorn to break the code of Pisces' pronouncements. A Capricorn wants straight answers, but with Pisces he or she may get a version of doublespeak because of Neptune's complex mind. In matters of loving, this combination produces practicality wedded with soul, respect and responsiveness. Emotional Pisces may be willing to please Capricorn. In spite of Capricorn's occasional coldness and Pisces' permanent need for warmth, there exists good potential for a fine, long-lasting romance.

Pisces - Aquarius
Water sign Aquarius meets Pisces, an air sign, in Pisces' 12th house of behind-the-scenes and sensual activities. Pisces' need for privacy is respected by busy Aquarians, the inventive humanitarians. Because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, Pisces' life will be full of sudden turns. This relationship could have a few jolts off and on. There could be a lot of clandestine meetings and undercover, behind-the-scenes activities. There also could be connections with films, hospitals or charitable organizations. As a fixed sign, Aquarius has need for a malleable co-worker and helpmate who can take him or her on flights of fancy. Pisces falls into Aquarius' second house, which is money and talent. Pisceans are able to deal well with complexities, probably better than the average Aquarian. Loose ends will be attended to, and fun is a promise. But in the end, Pisces will come out ahead in this romance and Aquarius will lose.

Pisces - Pisces
Water and water, the Pisces-Pisces excursion enters the mystical realm. Pisces' Neptunes will be dreaming up new fantasies, sharing poetic dreams and finding spiritual raptures in another Pisces' arms. But with such spiritual natures, the two Pisces may forget to put their shoes on in the morning and go to work.


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