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Symbol: The Centaur-Archer
Ruler: Jupiter
Birthstone: Amethyst, Turquoise
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54
Colors: Purple, Violet, Lavender, Turquoise
Compatible signs: Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra
Dates: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

The Centaur-Archer is associated with Chiron, the wise centaur of Greek mythology, and some say with Artemis, the Lady of Wild Beasts and goddess of the hunt. Half-man and half-horse, the centaur points a bow and arrow straight up to the heavens, symbolic of aiming for a direction, goal or target. Sagittarians usually have more than one objective or destination that they are aiming for and prefer to follow their own course unhampered by any type of restrictions. You're a dual sign with your feet on the ground and your head angled toward the heavens. Your earthly animal side is drawn to the open road, where you relish speeding on a quest for adventure and knowledge. Luckily, you're blessed with foresight that verges on the prophetic. That protects you -- to an extent -- from misadventure.
Your keyword is SELF-PROJECTION. Whether you're running a race, arguing a case or teaching, you live for self-expression and desire diverse outlets to exert your spirited energy. You are enthusiastic, gregarious, generous and cheerful. But watch out: Your lightheartedness and penchant for exaggeration can be misleading. When you project your thoughts and knowledge in earnest, your listeners learn. It's the spirit of the human upper half of the centaur that yearns to know all the answers and to find the truth that will set us free. And it's in your altruistic nature to share what you've learned with others. Experience and embarrassment will temper your tendency to be recklessly outspoken and tactless.

Your sign has dominion over the hips and thighs, body areas intended for locomotion. Getting outside and running, walking, cycling or skating will help you clear your thoughts and release nervous tension. Your gastronomic tastes and propensity toward overindulgence could take its toll on your liver, your most vulnerable organ, not to mention expand your figure. Substitute olive and other vegetable oils for saturated fat, moderate your alcohol intake, increase your dietary fiber, eat lots of plant bards and take antioxidants to stay in top shape. Finally, take precautions with your throat, remembering not to strain it. Don't forget to cover it in the cooler months.

Your frank honesty, wisdom and sincerity make you a great counselor. But you most enjoy being able to talk with others of equal or greater brain power, regardless of who they are. Your love for diversity extends to romance, making you the bachelor/ette of the zodiac. You're nervous about commitment even after marriage. You want to be with someone who's pioneering, courageous, exciting, enthusiastic and up-to-speed intellectually and energetically. You could meet your type among firemen, military personnel, the police force, manufacturers, metal workers, explorers, engineers, mechanics, surgeons, in hardware stores, hat departments, theaters, casinos, sports arenas or amusement parks.

You might choose to work independently or on a free-lance basis, while trying to incorporate work with travel, variety, and flexibility. You may explore many different careers before settling on one or two and establishing a priority of service to others. You could excel in fields related to communications, education, publishing, the judicial system, politics, sports, art, design, theology, finances, real estate, nursing, nutrition, health bard, farming, veterinary science and travel.

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Sagittarius - Aries
Lucky Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of travelers, sages and chance-takers. Like Aries, Sagittarius can be very spontaneous in taking romantic risks. Yet Sagittarians tend to blurt out comments and may have been born without a tact chip in their heads. Even so, Aries and Sagittarius strike sparks. A Sagittarius activates Aries' ninth house -- philosophy, theology, idealism and romance. This could be a stellar match. Both are hard-working, spontaneous and adventurous. Aries has a built-in directive, "Do it now!" This is a great formula for the work-lovers to share. Both love to eat out and live in. In addition to creating a fire too hot to cool down, the traits of these two signs could make a good basis for a long-term romantic relationship.

Sagittarius - Taurus
Taurus is Sagittarius' sixth house companion, which is a health and service house with a strong accent on perfectionism and work. Diet, exercise and nutrition will be pushed onto Sagittarius by Taurus. Because of Taurus' practicality, there may be some static, if Sagittarius takes monetary risks. In the romance department, sensuous Taurus can push Sagittarius' buttons. Yet Taurus wants to stay home, and may resent travel-oriented Sagittarius' desire to live in airports. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a big thinker in business and on the philosophical level. Because Sagittarius thinks there is plenty more dough where the last bunch of dollars came from, a money-conscious Taurus may be just the ticket to bring them down to earth. Both signs are money- and love-oriented, but Taurus loves being close to his or her hearth and Sagittarius' motto is "Don't fence me in." There is good luck where money is concerned with this combination. There may be thorns among the roses, but it may be well worth it.

Sagittarius - Gemini
These two signs are polar opposites, but sometimes opposites attract. Sagittarians are born salespersons, but tact is not their best suit. Many like to gamble. Geminis will be very drawn to Sagittarians, whom they may meet while traveling. They attend conferences together and both like to teach and share knowledge, education and spiritual ideas. Gemini is in Sagittarius' seventh house of marriage and partnership. Gemini excels when it comes to advertising and sales skills. You will match wits with each other, and what Sagittarius lacks will be complemented by Gemini's bag of mental tricks. It takes a certain amount of idle talk to turn on Gemini's warmer feelings. But this can happen because Gemini and Sagittarius have so much in common when it comes to flexibility and travel. The air element of Gemini with the fire of Sagittarius makes the flames of this passion hard to subdue. These two signs could be soulmates, but both need to give each other freedom and space.

Sagittarius - Cancer
Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius likes to travel and play the big spender. A Cancer may meet a Sagittarius while he or she is away from home base. If a romance develops, it may require a Cancer to travel to a place even farther away. For a Sagittarius, life and love are big gambles. Cancer could just be another port of call, so it's a matter of whether a Cancer is willing to keep resolutions concerning diet, nutrition and exercise. When it comes to love, Cancer will be intrigued by the Jupiter of Sagittarius. Sagittarius could start a winning streak for Cancer, not only in gambling halls, but in relationships, judgment and intuitive intellect. Moon-ruled Cancer is in Sagittarius' eighth house of other people's money, mortgages and legacies. The pair will want to buy or manage property, or even get into the food business. Cancer and Sagittarius can have a loving relationship -- at least for the short term.

Sagittarius - Leo
In this combination, life will be filled with a lot of drama. Sagittarius is spontaneous and in a gambling mood when love is the prize. Leo likes to strut, and he or she is proud of their companion. This pair will share the spotlight together and will each get a share of attention and applause. Leo likes the high life, which suits Sagittarius. Leo stimulates Sagittarius' ninth house. The two will enjoy philosophical discussions, long journeys, cruises and sharing knowledge through the written word. There may even be some time spent in front of a microphone or camera.

Sagittarius - Virgo
Virgo's Mercurian qualities expand with Sagittarius' optimistic views and loving nature. In Sagittarius, Virgos see a person who believes the best things are yet to come. The Cupid's arrow penetrates Virgo's heart. When Sagittarius' inclination takes him or her to the open road, Virgo will let them go. Virgo is Sagittarius' 10th house of business and career. With Virgo at Sagittarius' side, both will meet important people, many of whom extend invitations to trade. Hand out business cards and save any you get for future reference. Your hand will be shaken until it is tired. You both have great adaptability and a love of animals and nature. Each business coup precedes a comfortable, loving evening.

Sagittarius - Libra
Libra and Sagittarius meet up in Sagittarius' house of friendship, the 11th sector of hopes and wishes. Most likely, Libras will consider the pros and cons of letting friendship mature into a more intimate relationship. Libra's symbol is the scales, so a Sagittarius is weighed to see if he or she is what has been missing in Libra's life. In Libra, Sagittarius will find a very classy person and a loving romantic, as well as someone who demands loyalty. The flames of love abound.

Sagittarius - Scorpio
The Pluto of Scorpio with the Jupiter of Sagittarius will, in an unorthodox way, upset the apple cart and allow the money to flow in. What's more, this unification highlights love and travel. With this combination, Scorpio can hold the cornucopia of plenty. Remember, though, one of Sagittarius' mottoes is, "Don't fence me in." This comes in conflict with Scorpio's desire to control. To overcome this, Scorpio should give Sagittarius a long tether and restrain his or her own tendency to be critical. Love and let love. As this relationship matures, there may be some imperfections.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius
Don't think that just because your lover is another Sagittarius, you know all the answers and all the buttons that need to be pushed. You are connected to the same impulses, but people with your sign come in many models. Still, you will share similar interests. These include a celebration of life and a strong desire to head for the horizon, new languages and new places to be together. Enjoy.

Sagittarius - Capricorn
The duty-ridden, down-to-earth Capricorn is good for Sagittarius financially. Capricorn's sun falls into Sagittarius' second house. However, the Capricorn may try to put reins on the Sagittarius' spending and devil-may-care attitude about money. These two signs share little in common; a Sagittarius celebrates life and spontaneity, whereas a Capricorn is ambitious and hard-working. To Capricorn, a Sagittarius seems to have a sense of unreality about life. This match is not recommended.

Sagittarius - Aquarius
Aquarius and Sagittarius both love freedom. Aquarius is a natural problem-solver and capable adviser. Aquarius is Sagittarius' natural romantic ally. Inventive Aquarius can bring variety to Sagittarius' life. Sagittarius likes to play the odds and will enjoy Aquarius' unorthodox lifestyle and romantic originality. With this combination, there will be good mental and philosophical vibrations. Both parties are very independent and are born with a love of humanity. These two free souls will find more than their share of wedded bliss together. Life will be full with travel, excitement and indulgent love.

Sagittarius - Pisces
The Pisces-Sagittarius combination emphasizes home. This home, full of good meals and children, will become the base to which Sagittarius returns after travels. Homecoming celebrations will include generous helpings of love. Pisces and Sagittarius share a significant planet, Jupiter. There will be continual honeymoons if Pisces can accept Sagittarius' razzle-dazzle comings and goings. The chances of this happening fall in the "maybe" range.


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