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Symbol: The Scorpion
Ruler: Pluto
Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Colors: Red, Crimson, Maroon
Compatible signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo
Dates: Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

According to the ancients, there are many variations of Homo Scorpius. This is testimonial to your well recognized complexity. The scorpion symbolizes a hotheaded warrior who is violently passionate, bluntly sarcastic, egotistical, controlling and manipulative. The soaring eagle symbolizes the calm but intense, focused, determined, intuitive and perceptive Scorpio who often develops healing, clairvoyant, and counseling abilities. The sacred serpent, an Egyptian emblem of cosmic wisdom, was grounded in earthly reality, but penetrated the higher levels of consciousness. The serpent periodically sheds outworn habits, beliefs, and illusions to facilitate growth through rebirth. The phoenix is the confident, courageous, positive transformer that transcends the personal ego. The sympathetic, generous dove, a natural healer, is infused with love, which it transmits to others.
Your keyword is TRANSFORMATION. You likely will experience all the traits of your sign's varied symbols to some extent through the psychological death and regeneration process. Contrasts and extremes of virtue and vice are imbedded in every Scorpio, waiting for employment or transcendence. It can be a difficult journey or a blissful one depending on your choices. There's no middle-of-the-road playing around with you. Your feelings are very strong and unyielding, and you can be extremely sensitive and willful. It would be good for you to work at being cooperative.

Inner conflict can get you down psychologically and physically. If you suppress upsetting personal issues, they can build up and become toxic to your psyche and body. That could affect your reproductive organs, digestive system and head area, including the eyes and sinuses. Find outlets to release tension and renew your spirit. Music, dance, exercise, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and nature visits, especially to the ocean, can help alleviate internal chaos and restore your physical equilibrium. When you feel like withdrawing, some emotional turmoil deep within probably needs to be addressed and worked out of your system. It may be time to shed your skin.

You are secretive and don't establish bonds until you're sure of others' trustworthiness. Then, you loosen up and reveal your keen insight and fine sense of humor. You approach love emotionally and dream of fairy tale romance. You want to be with someone who's artistic, spiritual, inspiring, helpful, peaceful, idealistic, refined and perceptive. You might meet your type in the theater, museums, nightclubs, hospitals, prisons, chemical labs, spiritualistic churches, at sea, the beach, the pool, dance events, aquariums, gas stations, film or photography studios, retreats, or even in shoe stores.

You can be a good organizer and leader, because you enjoy pioneering new projects, have the foresight to make long-range plans and can direct them to the finish. Patience, tolerance and compassion are the keys to your success. You could find satisfying work in the martial arts, police force, armed forces, surgery, dentistry, alternative healing, psychic counseling, psychiatry and mechanics. Working in the entertainment industry could provide an excellent outlet for your creative or artistic abilities.

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Scorpio - Aries
The rulers of this combination, Mars and Pluto, are a highly volatile mixture. Aries is aggressive, and Scorpio is likely to want an Aries' body and soul. With an Aries, a Scorpio's nature is fiercely emotional and exciting. Be warned, Aries. Scorpios dig deep beneath the surface. They learn an Aries' secrets and financial status. They want to control, whereas an Aries wants to be a free agent. Although there could be an initial fascination with each other, battles and emotional explosions may follow. Scorpio's desire to control could rub against the grain of Aries. Aries is impulsive and impatient, while Scorpio likes to plan a campaign of seduction in steps. With Aries, the new and the now are the inner rules. This can be a chancy choice for both of you. It could be lethal.

Scorpio - Taurus
This Venus-Pluto combination could equal marriage. There is something intense between Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus' Venus ruler is drawn to the power-oriented Mars- and Pluto-ruled Scorpio. Both drawn to each others' arms in a dynamic duo. There may also be some power struggles. Remember, Scorpio doesn't take hostages. Venusian Taurus is in Scorpio's seventh house of marriage and partnership. Taurus and Scorpio are considered the two sexiest signs, so there is an excess of sensuality and excitement. Both have dollar signs in their eyes, as well as strong, sensual desires. Taurus' earth nature blends with Scorpio's water sign. Both male and females born under Taurus' sign know how to whip up a good meal. This could be a forever match.

Scorpio - Gemini
Adaptable Gemini is drawn to seductive and intriguing Scorpio, who wants to control intimates and others. There's an aura of glamour you can feel across the room with Scorpio. Gemini, do your flirting with only Scorpio, or else! Gemini's flirtatious and freedom-loving nature could bring out the worst in Scorpio's control-oriented jealousy. Be warned!

Scorpio - Cancer
With Cancer and Pluto-ruled Scorpio, the feelings run deep and intense. Scorpio investigates what is secret, but does not like other people prying into his or her private life. Cancer must be supportive and pliant -- it will be worth it. In this match, there will be excitement, variety, experimentation and speculation. Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, so this relationship can be a tidal wave or smooth as silk. Since Cancer's lunar ruler makes for changeability, there is a tendency toward a relationship that equals a emotional rollercoaster. Yet Scorpio craves excitement and a magnetic partner, so you are something of a match. Travel and philosophical discourses (not to mention children) are likely byproducts of the romantic gamble. These two could be soulmates.

Scorpio - Leo
Sun-ruled Leo with Pluto-ruled Scorpio gives you property values, basic issues, standing tall and refusing to give up something of value for nothing. With Scorpios, Leos could be swept off their feet. But while landing back on the ground, enjoy every minute of it. Scorpio's glamour and tense desires can lure Leo into thoughts of financial gain and pleasure day and night. Leos are take-charge people, often department heads or in the creative field or in front of the camera. There may be power plays here. Leos find humor in many of life's situations and are prone to upstage even their intimates. In love, Scorpio and Leo will be emotional, sensual and fierce. With this combination, all the world is a stage, although Scorpio may be the supporting role.

Scorpio - Virgo
Nothing is impossible for the Scorpio and Virgo team-up. Virgo is attracted to the sense of power of the Plutonic Scorpio and his or her absorbing sensual nature. Virgo's tendency to be flexible and a perfectionist meshes well with Scorpio's steadiness and sensual inclinations. Virgo stimulates Scorpio's hopes and wishes. And when Scorpio is not feeling well, Virgo steps in as a healer. This match might have been made in heaven. Look for a permanent tie. If nothing else, you will always say, "Thanks for the memories," for they will be delectable.

Scorpio - Libra
Libra's Venus connects with Scorpio's Pluto and Mars. Scorpio's 12th house is stimulated, which indicates clandestine meetings and uncovering secrets. Libra will make sure Scorpio connects with the right people. Scorpio will be more of a party person when linked up with Libra. Libra likes to flirt, however, so Scorpio needs to keep its jealous nature in check. Although Libra prefers peace, a Scorpio should know that there is an iron hand underneath that glove of velvet.

Scorpio - Scorpio
With another Scorpio, there is a double amount of Pluto. That means there will be a struggle for power, but major objectives will be successful. There could be problems, but they would not be financial because both of you like to take on responsibilities and challenges. This smoldering, sensual pairing may be possessive. Both will need some happy-go-lucky laughter to ease the deadly seriousness. Both of you are mysterious, magnetic, psychic and can be of tremendous aid to other people physically and psychologically. You can attain heights!

Scorpio - Sagittarius
The Pluto of Scorpio with the Jupiter of Sagittarius will, in an unorthodox way, upset the apple cart and allow the money to flow in. What's more, this unification highlights love and travel. With this combination, Scorpio can hold the cornucopia of plenty. Remember, though, one of Sagittarius' mottoes is, "Don't fence me in." This comes in conflict with Scorpio's desire to control. To overcome this, Scorpio should give Sagittarius a long tether and restrain his or her own tendency to be critical. Love and let love. As this relationship matures, there may be some imperfections.

Scorpio - Capricorn
With this combination, there could be pleasure where you thought there would be problems. Scorpio's social activities accelerate with Capricorn. This couple could be entertaining important people in charity and politics. In the combination of Capricorn's Saturn and Scorpio's Pluto, there are continuing aspects of opportunity. Problems will be settled logically, and you will get your desires. Business-minded Capricorn blends well with Scorpio's gift of campaigning, and Capricorn benefits from Scorpio's glamour and charisma. The result is earth and water in a very romantic mix. There is a possibility of an enjoyable lifelong marriage here.

Scorpio - Aquarius
Scorpios and Aquarians can make some great waves in a relationship, but Scorpio will need all of his or her subtlety. Both are fixed signs, and Aquarius will not be pushed or shoved, so watch that Scorpian sting. With Uranian Aquarius, anger sparks like lightning, and the thunder that follows is jarring to Scorpio's emotions. Scorpio needs tolerance in this romance. There could be a sudden and explosive quality to this relationship. There will also be security, comfort and luxury in an unusual way. Both are ambitious and will pull together when there is a goal, but there is a need to outline that goal. This could be a formidable combination.

Scorpio - Pisces
Pisces' Neptune combined with Scorpio's Pluto will lead to a fresh start and a new direction for Scorpio. Scorpio will be more independent and full of pride but not necessarily the kind of pride that comes before the fall. When paired with Pisces, there is mystery and intrigue. Scorpio will not be completely innocent when it comes to holding things back. When the two fall in love, they will retain surprises for each other. Both are water signs, sharing intuitiveness as well as strong libidos. Scorpio is inspired by Pisces' dreams and poetic nature. The love light is apt to be in the light of many candles. When the relationship seems finished, it may not be. This could be a life-long love.


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