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Symbol: The Virgin
Ruler: Mercury
Birthstone: Agate
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Colors: Indigo, Violet
Compatible signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer
Dates: Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

Ancient Egyptians associated Virgo with the goddess Au Set (later known as Isis), who, among other things, taught women to grind corn. The Virgin, symbol of your sign, often holds an ear of grain, alluding to the harvest of late summer. You understand the harvest of hard work, which entails observation, measuring differences, tabulating details, memorizing data, systematizing andorganizing methods of operation. Your love for order and harmony is revealed in the way you approach life. You function on a cerebral level, but because you're an earth sign, your mental approach is pragmatic. You want to see results, your own personal harvest.
Your keyword is DISCRIMINATION. It's what you use to resolve the various conflicts you're faced with on a daily basis. Not much gets by you without questioning it, because you need to allocate a place and system for everything. You're perpetually in the assessment and preparation stages of making adjustments. You prefer to make your own decisions. Your process of judgment involves analyzing everything down to the last detail before taking action. You can be fault-finding and very sarcastic, but you are not naturally aggressive. Your poised, cool or retiring exterior is an indication of your need for inner peace.

Your symbol, the Virgin, often holds bard in her hand, implying the importance of diet. The symbol usually holds corn, which suggests that you should eat what grows from the ground rather than what walks on it. The digestive system is your body's vulnerable area and, if afflicted, could adversely affect your nervous system and mental outlook. Try to eat your meals on schedule and in a relaxed state, and seriously consider the quality of your bard intake. Avoid fat and greasy bards and emphasize cereals or gluten-free grains if you suffer digestive disorders. Exercise on a treadmill or stationary bicycle in your home. Wear proper shoes to protect your ankles and lower legs, which are also sensitive areas for you. Investigate new approaches to health and modern remedies including medicinal herbs, subliminal tapes and hypnotherapy.

Your forte is small talk. You are playfully sarcastic, helpful and generous with advice, and you're at your best when you're tolerant, sympathetic and easygoing. However, with your need for privacy, you can be somewhat of a loner. You're prudent about love and approach it with your head. You want it to fit into a schedule or program and to be orderly, emphasizing stability and security. Your ideal in a romantic relationship is someone who's mature, conservative, responsible, well established, practical and organized. You're likely to meet your mate among corporative executives, architects, builders, contractors, farmers, government officials, land owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, ranchers and real estate agents.

You are an ideal worker, because of your ability to be responsible, thorough, efficient, detail-oriented and well organized. You approach in original ways. You work well on your own, but the more sociable and club-like your work atmosphere, the better. There will often be a humanitarian motive in choosing your field of work. You lean toward social services, medicine, psychiatry, education, consulting or science. With your eye for order and balance, you would do well in design, gardening, landscaping or engineering. Ultimately, you could excel as a communications specialist in computers, radio, television and newspapers, or as a speaker or writer. Occupations involving travel could also appeal to you.

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Virgo - Aries
Virgos can be quite earthy and are likely to be constructively critical of Aries' eating and clothing habits. Virgo is on a self-improvement kick throughout life. Aries is aggressive and restless. The Aries in this relationship shouldn't rush Virgo. Virgos want an organized and especially nice-smelling partner, so Aries should always jump into the shower just before going on a date. Virgos can be a devoted spouse for an Aries. Meanwhile, Aries' Mars influence can send Virgos into areas previously prohibited and censored. A Virgo might say, "I always wanted to do, explore, examine or read this." With Aries, a Virgo will take these risks; however, ultimate goals in life are not the same for Aries and Virgo. Aries rushes in where even angels fear to tread and may find Virgo to be a well-dressed, real-life mannequin. Aries is always on the prowl for new and attractive. Virgo may fit the bill -- for a while.

Virgo - Taurus
Mercury-ruled Virgo likes nice things, so Virgo may find Taurus compatible. Both are earthy signs and are apt to agree on matters of taste and the practical matter of marriage, if that is what you have in mind. This couple would be well-suited and well-dressed. Virgo activates Taurus' fifth house, the one that represents creativity, personal magnetism, sensuality and sex appeal. There is plenty of speculation, adventure, challenge, change, children and a variety of sensations in this match-up. Virgo and Taurus probably speak the same language when it comes to money and important values. Taurus has a need for opulence and strong sensual desires. Taurus falls into Virgo's ninth house, so this Venus-Mercury setup will result in feelings, readings, writings and teachings. Virgo may not write a book about being in love, but the person who does write the manual will consult you in your relationship with Taurus.

Virgo - Gemini
Virgo may bring out the practical side of Gemini, which is no small feat. Gemini likes to argue, and Virgo is apt to criticize. Even so, both are ruled by Mercury and there is mutual appreciation of each other's mental attitude of wanting to know more. This pair will be saying to each other, "Let's put it on the line, where's the home, where's the property, who is going to pay?" Gemini is full of ideas and Virgo full of facts, so Virgo helps Gemini to be logical with ideas. With their love, they could stand together against the world, but with all their Mercury stimulating each other's minds, they may forget the more physical nature of their relationship.

Virgo - Cancer
Cancer's Moon with Virgo's Mercury means trips and communications. Cancer will be in love, and will even write lyrics about love. Yet with Virgo, Cancer's green-eyed monster could appear. Family- and home-oriented Moonchild, Cancer, finds a romantic ally in Virgo. Virgos are neat, good parental material and have many skills. If they are critical at times, it's only because they are concerned about Cancer's health and longevity. This is not a bad emotional setup. Cancer furnishes emotion and fulfills Virgo's need for someone to touch him or her. With Cancer, Virgo's hopes, wishes and desires are fulfilled. These two signs make a lovely combination because Cancer brings good fortune in finance, romance and speculation. With Cancer, Virgo is able to fulfill obligations, promises and desires to help others. A Virgo with Cancer will have the money, the love and the self-esteem that Virgo needs.

Virgo - Leo
All the world is a stage to Leo, and Leo is looking for a supporting actor or actress who can spotlight his or her moments in a cozy setting. Adaptable and well-groomed Virgo is a natural backup singer to Leo's stellar role. The loving is part of the romantic drama. The Sun of Leo with Virgo's Mercury is red hot. Before you know it, secrets are revealed. With Leo, the darker corners of Virgo's life receive the benefit of more light. A Virgo might be saying, "Why did I do this? Why did I do that?" Don't burden Leo with it, Virgo. Just tell Leo that everything is hunky-dory. In a Leo-Virgo combination, excitement and thrills never will fade. Both of you like to laugh. Cheery Leo likes to hear good news, enjoys applause and likes people to obey orders. The concept of fixed Leo and adaptable Virgo is like cream and sugar.

Virgo - Virgo
Virgo can get along with more of the signs than any other. With another Virgo, it's going to be a matter of scattering forces, trying to be everywhere at once, trying to please everyone, including relatives. Then this pair ends up pleasing no one. Both of you should make a resolution: We are going to be true to ourselves and let the world go by on its own. Both of you are discriminating and see many sterling qualities in each other, but there will be a struggle over who will lead. You are eager to improve each other, and you will expect perfection in your children, even though you are loving and devoted parents. In love, you both are warm, supportive and eager to please. Virgos are health- and service-oriented. You may wear yourselves out helping others because you feel you are the mother and father to loved ones and friends. Even though you have so much in common, two Virgos may not find it easy to harmonize in marriage. Why not run a hospital or nutritional resort together, instead?

Virgo - Libra
Virgo, shy at first and discriminating, can see many fine qualities in Venusian Libra. Socially active Libra propels fashion-conscious Virgo before the public and into interesting company. Libras could also improve Virgo's financial situation. This combination could be stimulating, workable and everlasting. This paid could be called elitists by others, but they would have their love to keep them warm.

Virgo - Scorpio
Nothing is impossible for the Scorpio and Virgo team-up. Virgo is attracted to the sense of power of the Plutonic Scorpio and his or her absorbing sensual nature. Virgo's tendency to be flexible and a perfectionist meshes well with Scorpio's steadiness and sensual inclinations. Virgo stimulates Scorpio's hopes and wishes. And when Scorpio is not feeling well, Virgo steps in as a healer. This match might have been made in heaven. Look for a permanent tie. If nothing else, you will always say, "Thanks for the memories," for they will be delectable.

Virgo - Sagittarius
Virgo's Mercurian qualities expand with Sagittarius' optimistic views and loving nature. In Sagittarius, Virgos see a person who believes the best things are yet to come. The Cupid's arrow penetrates Virgo's heart. When Sagittarius' inclination takes him or her to the open road, Virgo will let them go. Virgo is Sagittarius' 10th house of business and career. With Virgo at Sagittarius' side, both will meet important people, many of whom extend invitations to trade. Hand out business cards and save any you get for future reference. Your hand will be shaken until it is tired. You both have great adaptability and a love of animals and nature. Each business coup precedes a comfortable, loving evening.

Virgo - Capricorn
Both Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs. Virgos are intelligent and are always pleasurable company. It is Virgo's role to serve the one they respect and cherish. Their Mercury rulership blends well with hard-working Capricorn because being organized is a built-in certainty. It takes awhile for Virgo to warm Capricorn's Saturnian armor. When it happens, however, Capricorn sees Virgo as a working, as well as a romantic, associate. When Capricorn gets the grumbles, Virgo furnishes a light romantic cure and promise of permanence for Capricorn. Both make an indelible mark on each other, respect each others' drive for change, travel, variety of sensations and shared experiences. You could be soulmates. This combination is highly recommended.

Virgo - Aquarius
With Mercury-ruled Virgo and Uranus-ruled Aquarius, some people will say that your ideas are awfully different, and that you can never agree or do anything when it is beyond the immediate. There's a response: "At least we're living. We're alive, vibrant, creative, filled with the stuff of life!" This is a stimulating combination. Fashion-conscious Virgo is in Aquarius' eighth house, so Virgos will be aides to Aquarius in matters relating to money-lending and paperwork. Virgos will advise Aquarians on what they should wear, depending on the occasion. This combination produces sensual plans and ideas, as well as mystery, the occult, and inheritance. Virgo helps Aquarius expand personal horizons and builds Aquarius up for the future. This could be a writing or advertising team. Both are intellectual and could come up with some exciting discoveries.

Virgo - Pisces
Pisces and Virgo are water and earth. Together, they represent the fantastic and complex. Virgo is all facts, figures and practicality. Virgos are neat in their habits and have trouble passing a clothing store without entering. Virgos want their love partner to be fashionable, so Pisces soon will be wearing new duds. Pisces is in Virgo's seventh house of middle-aisle possibilities. The two of you may wind up going down the aisle together for that eternal joining, or something more temporary and memorable. The combination of Virgo's Mercury and Pisces' Neptune is a bit of heaven. Virgo can tenderly keep Pisces' feet on the ground. Pisces is a weaver of dreams and a lifelong romantic. This romance can be lasting.


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